• The Hong Kong Crisis' impact on the travel market
  • National Day Golden Week: Where will the Chinese travel to?

Join our webinar to find out how these circumstances will impact your organization. 

What will be covered in the China Outbound Expert Session?

  1. 2019 Year-to-date performance on Chinese outbound travel trends.

  2. Outlook: where are the Chinese going during the coming months

  3. Zoom into destinations & the Hong Kong crisis': taking a look into the dynamic Chinese visitors at top destinations and the outcome of the protests in Hong Kong during the last weeks.

What is included?

  • 4 participants per subscription.

  • The content of the session in a PDF file.

  • Ask 3 questions to our analysts.

  • Choose from 3 time-slots.

Why businesses choose ForwardKeys

⭐ FK has the highest data coverage possible in China

⭐ Be quickly updated on the Chinese travel trends

 Insights from our market experts

What is the cost?

Finance-Credit-Card-icon €750 (or €500 for ForwardKeys' platform users)

Event Information 

12th September, 2019

4AM, 11AM or 6PM CET

± 30 minutes





Olivier Ponti
Vice-President Insights


Antoine Vialle
Market Expert
Nan Dai
Market Expert